Search and Rescue / Travel Safety

In October, 2018, I presented at the monthly club meeting on the topic of travel insurance, search-and-rescue (SAR), and GEOS products. We have had a couple of great developments since that meeting, benefiting our members and the club as a whole. A wonderful travel insurance provider, World Nomads (underwritten by Nationwide) has provided us an affiliate link which will give the club a nominal donation for each travel insurance policy purchased using the link. You can find it on our page, using the link below:

Second, GEOS Travel Safety has extended a 15% Off promo code to RMHPA members who purchase their products. Below is a link to an infographic which has the promo code embedded in it. I was told by sales staff at GEOS that this code is not to be published or made public. Please do not share it with outsiders, as any sign of abuse will result in deactivation of the code. I embedded it in a graphic to hinder search engines from finding it. Follow the link below. … rg8m3872ek

As a reminder, all SAR plans for hang gliders, paragliders, skydivers, base jumpers, and the like, must include “HR,” for high risk, at the end of the name. Medevac plans are for secondary transport from the hospital and still must be from the HR pool, if the qualifying incident involved a high risk activity (what we do). Bundled plans are available through the GEOS website, but do not couple HR SAR and HR Medevac… for reasons unknown to me.

GEOS will only cover SAR and Medevac costs incurred when an “approved device” transmits an “SOS” signal. Those devices include Spot, Delorme/Garmin Inreach, and many others. They just recently added a smartphone app for Android and iPhone called GEOS Global Safety, which acts as an “approved device” and can transmit the SOS. This is a huge bonus for times you are travelling, not flying, and don’t have your Inreach/Spot with you.



Thanks for this Adam! I’ve been looking at two other companies as well as GEOS and wondered if you looked at them and had any thoughts? It appears both cover paragliding, cost a similar amount, but in some cases have better reviews in some google searching I’ve done.


Global Rescue:

To clarify, the GEOS plan supports multiple devices on one plan, no additional fee per device.

As Adam posted, we get a discount with GEOS. They have a real person providing great customer support, and for the short while I was on hold, they have real music not on-hold Muzak.