September Crawfords Trip

Just a heads up… I’m looking to head up to Crawfords perhaps as soons as Saturday the 15th and staying through mid week that following week if the weather looks favorable for two or more soarable days. I will continue to post up as the weather/timing gets closer.


A short wave trough will be passing through the western US over the next week or so. In advance of the trough axis will be southwest flow and warm dry air moving toward Colorado and Utah. Behind the trough axis will be westerly - north westerly flow which is what I’m waiting for to make the trip to Crawfords. Initially it looked like the trough axis would pass through Utah on Saturday the 15th. However, the long range model runs were to fast bringing that through so now it looks like Tuesday/Wednesday-ish for west - northwest flow over Utah.

Thus, given the current forecast I’m going to delay my trip up to Crawfords until Tuesday the 18th. I will continue to post updates as the forecast evolves.

Rich J.

Hi Rich,
Count me in. I haven’t flown at Crawfords but have a lot of good things about it. This sounds like it could be a good introduction to the site for me. I also saw that the Central Utah Air Sports Assoc. ( is having their Red Rocks fly in the following week, Sep 24th-29th. Could be a good opportunity to get a lot flying inside a few weeks.


Sounds good Attila! There are a few accomodations around Randolph, UT, but we typically camp up near launch. Be prepared for cold evenings if you plan to camp. Its early yet and things can certainly change but for now at least the forecast still looks favorable for Tuesday/Wednesday the 18th & 19th.

Rich J.

Delaying another day as the southerly flow continues through Tuesday. Right now it looks like Wednesday and Thursday. Hopefully.

Rich J

I’ll arrive in Randolph, UT sometime Wednesday afternoon and plan on camping up at launch in the planetarium (gravel pit). The forecast for Wednesday and Thursday both look good - southwest flow on Wednesday shift to the west in the afternoon; Thursday will be west all day. I plan on flying both days and heading home on Friday.

Forecast highs each day will be in the low 70’s; low temps at night will be down near freezing. If you’re camping on launch bring warm camping gear. Atilla, give me a call if you’d like and we can arrange to meet up in Randolph.

Rich J.
(seven one 9) three 5 eight - three four two four

Can’t make it this Wed-Fri, but if it looks good enough for you to stay through the weekend let me know.

Wednesday is looking blown out and SW. Thurs looking strong but flyable. Friday maybe but I was going to come back that day. I think I will bail out as it’s a long way for one flight. Or maybe Thursday, Friday, Saturday?

The flying has been epic!

Should have said above… I’m heading home today. Sparky and Atilla are still here and will fly today. Not sure what their plans are after that as they are heading to the Red Rocks Fly In…