SIV Clinic in Yelapa Mexico March 28-31

Do you need an SIV clinic. This is the one! I am working on getting 5-8 Colorado pilots to make this class a go.

Here is the url for this class taught by Marko Hrgetic

Dates: March 28-31
Price: $550.00

The course is 3.5 days. First day is theory, safety, towing starting at 16:00 - 20:00. That would be thursday. So you have to land thursday morning in PVR.

Towing and practice Friday, Saturday, Sunday. 2 tows per day. Possible three.

March 28-31 so basically 4 days. 31st you can take plane in the evening.

Look up Yelapa, it is a really cool place. With some luck, in the afternoon, we can bench back up the hill and SIV some more. I have gotten 10-12 runs in a day! I have done 2 previous SIV clinics here. I have gotten 3 times the normal SIV experience due to being able to bench back up.

If you are interested, please let me know.

Eric Bader Three-oh-three-444-eightyfourtwenty.

More info:
Advanced SIV Yelapa, MX, last 4 days of March, from Marko: SIV is 6 tows and costs 550 US. Spins, stalls is a part of advanced course as it has a bunch of theory. I don’t charge guiding on additional tows. You pay just the tow that is now 550MX which is about 28 US, (additional tows). Let me know if you are interested. We are working on getting 5-8 pilots in this class. Google Yelapa, the place is awesome. Instructor: Marko Hrgetic Hrga ( APPI Master instructor No.14372 ) Let me know. Eric I have a good list of possible pilots already.