Skew-t by lat/long question

The skew-t at allows a person to enter a lat/long instead of an airport. What I have not figured out is how to get the lat/long to work properly. I have entered a lat/long if different formats, but I have not gotten the right information back. I have been testing this by entering an airport location by its designator and by its lat/long. This should get me the same skew-t graphs, but so far I have not been successful. I have tried these 2 formats for Boulder Airport: “38.52, -105.59” and
“38.44, -106.00”

If some has figured this out, please let me know how to make this work.

Did you read the instructions:

  • enter a latitude and longitude (in decimal, with west and south being negative), separated by a comma.
    Latitude can be stated in degree form – with minutes and seconds – or in decimal form. You can convert a latitudinal measurement from degrees to a decimal by following a mathematical formula. Divide minutes by 60. For example, if you had a degree followed by 45 minutes, you would divide 45 by 60 to get 0.75.
    It means “38.52,-105.59” should be “0.642,-1.759833333”

Eric, your coordinates work for me if I take out the space after the comma.

Paulo, in decimal format the degrees stay as degrees, its the minutes/seconds that get decimalized.

Please disregard my answer, I incorrectly translated. My apologies to all

Guys, thank you for your help. I have tried both combinations of lat/long, while I do get a skew-t to load, it doesn’t match the airport skew-t that the lat/long is for. Ex: BDU is Boulder Airport. When I run the skew-t with BDU, it doesn’t match for the lat/long for the same location.

Aha. Those coordinates are nowhere near Boulder. 40 N happens to be located exactly at Baseline Road; 38.52 is way south.

Try -105.23,40.03. I get matching results with those numbers.

Sorry, a copy/paste error. Even when I use “40.037,-105.23”, it still does not match BDU.

OK, that’s strange, we see different things.

Do you see different results in these two URLs:

Because those are the URLs that I get if I put in the coordinates and the airport code, respectively, and I see the same results from both.

Thank you so much for your help with this. The Urls below bring up the
website but do not load the data.

Shoot. At this point I would try a different browser and see what happens. Or post some screen shots. Do you actually get correct info when you type in the airport code?