Steamboat Open House

Remember the Steamboat Open House June 22 to 24. Ask around.

On the calendar too!!


My apologies. Due to unforeseen family circumstances I have to change the dates for the Steamboat Open House. I would like to move the dates to July 6,7,8.


No problem Ken we changed it on the calendar to reflect the new dates.

I’m planning to be there for the 3 days. Thanks Ken and others for hosting.

Rich J.

I am planning to be there :slight_smile:

Well we are down to a week so I though I would post some details. This post is mainly for HGs.

First I think it is time to get a head count of who is planning to attend. We need this because there are only a few vehicles permitted to drive on the road to launch that can haul hang gliders. Please let us know if you are coming so we can have a spot on a vehicle.

Secondly Steamboat is a H4 site but can be flown by sponsored H3 pilots. Steve and I will be there Friday and Saturday to sponsor and I will be on Sunday. We plan to have a site briefing 8:30-9 ish (will dial that in later) friday morning. We will be covering the Whistler and Haymaker LZs. If you are new to the site or it has been awhile please attend.

Last years event we had a blast hopefully this year will be as good.


I am planning on coming friday through sunday. And would love space in a truck.

Ed Batakis said he can’t post on this board but that he would be there so save him a spot. :slight_smile:

I will be there with a Gecko if some one qualified wants to Demo it also.


Count me in.

I’m in, Charles

I’m planning on attending but I can’t get there until Saturday morning. I should be at Whistler Park by 11am.

Are people planning to camp off of 302 like last year?

Hey guys we are still a go for the open house. Friday looks to be high pressure so I don’t think there is any hurry to get up the hill as later in the afternoon seems be our launch window… Lets move the site briefing to 10 am at Whistler park. Saturday is looking good as well. We will have to see about Sunday. Looking forward to a fun weekend.


We should get things rolling by meeting at the Whistler LZ at 3 to 330 on Friday for a afternoon of smooth flying. Some of us are going to have a single surface rodeo. There will be a BYOB gathering at my house Sat night (865 Conifer Circle) after flying. Have some chips burgers, salmon burgers, chicken. Anything else bring it.


ps 151.955

Arriving Friday night, will only fly on Saturday.

Rich J.

I’ll be there on Saturday.

Matt W.

Brought my single surface for the rodeo. Rick yes a few of us are on 302

Things may change per forecast but right now we plan to meet Saturday morning at the Haymaker LZ 9:30. Whistler LZ is closed for a Volleyball tournament. This is the head up time not an LZ walk through. OD looks to happen early tomorrow.

Awesome flying with awesome friends!! And thanks Ken for party last night. :stuck_out_tongue: