Swifts Fly In Equipment/Volunteer Requests

Hello pilots!

It was lovely to see everyone at the banquet last week!

I am reaching out to the community to see if there are any people who are willing to volunteer equipment or time. While 6 months away, it takes a lot of planning! I will try to cover as many bases as I can, but if any help is out there, I will gladly take it. Please keep in mind with the roles that these can be easily alternated so people can fly as much as they want.

So if you have any interest in helping with the following, or if you have things to lend, please let me know here or via your preferred method of communication.

972 seven six five 59 six 3


  • Outdoor event tents
  • Generator for food truck
  • Trucks capable of retrieving hang gliders
  • Musical instruments (this is not so much equipment as encouragement of our musically talented folks to bring along guitars and whatnot so we can have little jam sessions)


  • Check in/collection
  • Launch coordinator
  • Drivers to launch, 4WD high clearance only (paid)
    -Retrieve driver **tbd (paid)
    -Retrieve coordinator **tbd
    -Trash haul out at end of event
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What are the dates again? I’m planning to be there and will bring my generator. It is 3500 Watts, but kinda loud.

Hi Scott! The dates are Sept 4-7 (Labor Day weekend). Hope to see you there, and it would be great to have the generator volunteered!