Temp Roommate/Flying Buddies

(Lindseynripa) #1

Hello, everyone!

Tyler and I will be returning stateside in May. After a taste of the good life, we are trying to find temporary housing while we work and save money to do it all over again. Since rent is mile high in the Denver area, maybe someone has a spare room, and we can help you out with rent? We are looking at May-December.

If you don’t already know us:
-I’m a CPA (accountant) and Tyler is a bike mechanic. We are college educated, friendly, clean, and quiet roommates
-We love to fly whenever we can!

We have two very well behaved male cats. They are short haired, litter box trained, indoor cats. Never sprayed, get along with every stranger they’ve ever met, etc. They are very entertaining and are the perfect mix of lap kitty or off doing their own thing.

Please feel free to contact Tyler or I on WhatsApp if interested!

Lindsey: 972 765 5963
Tyler: 615 878 5823