Tips on buying used?

Though I’ve done lots of research, I’m still new to this world and would like some help if anyone has some to spare. I’m looking to get my P2 in Utah early this summer and would like to buy my first paraglider used. I have my eye on a Buzz z3 on craigslist (40 hours); is this model too old or plenty new enough for me? Beginner friendly enough? When looking at a used paraglider (this one and others) what are some things to look for beforehand and in person?

I feel I have a good handle on picking the right size and rating of a paraglider (though I would like to hear about starting on an EN-B; I hear its doable but not always recommended).



The custom among paraglider pilots is to buy your first wing from your instructor. You may find if difficult to buy your first wing from someone else in the community.

By far the best thing to do is to go with the wing you instructor recommends for you. Most instructors will work with you to find a wing that is both safe and affordable for you.

I agree with Don, don’t buy something off of craigslist especially being a new pilot, you get to use the instructors wings up to you getting you P2 then leave it up to the instructor to find something that works for you and your budget. You have plenty of time to look for wings on your own in the years to come. If you try to cut corners to save yourself some money you more than likely will be spending more money in the long run.