Useful WX education resource

I was searching for something that explained an “inverted trough” since it was mentioned in a recent forecast discussion and I stumbled upon this website:

It is by Jeff Haby, a meteorologist instructer who designed and ran the distance learning program at a university in Mississippi. Not only did I learn about inverted troughs, there is an amazing amount of information available at the site. One can look at “haby’s hints” parts 1-3 ( some 300 notes and growing) and get a quick read on a topic, including all parts of how to look at Skew-T. 'tons of useful info!

Jeff lives in CO now and continues to grow the website. He does have a go fund me page… If you find the info useful and want to support Jeff’s educational WX efforts consider contributing.



Wow, great resource find, Steve!!! Thanks for forwarding. This will keep me intrigued, and artful in my craft. Lots in the website, in that whenever I explore one area, I find myself drifting deeper into more.

Good stuff, Steve. Thanks.


Wow! TMI, but better too much than too little. It even has a section on weather poetry.