Video Editing Software Recommendation

Can someone let me know what software they would recommend to edit video footage?



Hey Eric,

I’m a windows guy but do own a little Mac Mini that is set up as a media computer on my TV and stereo. It came with I-Movie and I found the software very easy to use after spending only a little time with it. Dean uses I-Movie as well.


Steve: Thank you for the suggestion, I should have been clearer with my question. I too am windows based, so I am looking for some software for Windows.

Cyberlink Power Director has a lot of capabilities, is fairly easy to use, and relatively quick. Supports lots of formats as well.

Adobe Premiere Pro. By subscription via the Adobe Creative Cloud.

Cyber link is very good also like Pinnacle studio. I have both and like them both. Both support a lot of formats and both will give you some great results. Probably use cyber link the most right now. But like some of the editing features of Pinnacle. Used to be a strong Avid fan but they are only studio quality high end now. If you go Adobe go cheap and get their elements version. Unless you need the pro stuff it will do everything you need.

Another thought unless you need more Windows has movie maker and I think Ann uses it a lot. Simple and easy to use. Also all of these should have a trial version (except maybe Adobe). And you should look at the version many of the features in the top version you might not use and a lot of times the basic or middle version will do the trick for you.

Hope this helps

+1 for windows movie maker. Most important: its FREE. Simple to use for basic editing…

I used to use Windows Movie maker because it’s easy to use and already preinstalled on my system, but since updating to Windows 10 it doesn’t work anymore, so this is a good discussion because I’m also looking for an alternative. I’ve attempted to use go pros video editor but it likes to crash just as you are getting into it. I’ve tried what I can to make movie maker work on my Windows 10 with no such luck. I’m pissed because I have so much video to edit from my Colombia trip. Windows Premier is a good one too but it can be a little overwhelming for someone that only wants basic video editing options.

thanks for pointing that out, Benz. I’ll be sure and leave my video editing machine on win7! Been thinking about the “FREE” win10 upgrade, but as you point out, LOTS of what use to work will NOT work anymore. Typical problem is they just intentionally fail to make new drivers for the old shit, so you’re suppose to just buy everything new, I guess. So sick of this crap! If I could get only get off MS! Linux seems more and more attractive, but a whole additional bag of worms to figure out and I’m no hacker. I have one machine on win10 now for testing. Haven’t tried yet, but I suspect connecting the old flytec 5030 will be a huge hassle, if even possible. There were a few people flying with these old instruments in the comp, including the champ- Brad G.- who was nice enough to show me exactly how he had his set up…

You may run into many issues with certain legacy software packages on Win 10 simply because they were written for the NT based OS’s and Win 10 is not NT based… I kept a machine running XP that will never see the internet again but will continue to run legacy software that I will not find upgrades for (like my Filght Log). It is indeed a pain… But the Win 10 issue goes beyond simple drivers in several cases… That’s what I have been learning in my transition to the new laptop.


Thank you for all these options. Benzie: I found online that Movie Maker 2012 works with Windows 10 and is free.

Thanks for all the help!

Ok, looks like Windows movie maker is no longer supported and failing with Windows 10.

Is there a free movie editing software that works with Windows 10?

Try these free ones they are very good and work with windows 10. You can always upgrade to a better or pro version if you like them. I can also give you several really good pay for options I like also.

Most of the free ones have been used to do great blockbuster emmy award winning movies on the big screen.

Hitfilm 4
Express is the free version

Lightworks … Itemid=209
or … Itemid=206

Also this one does great color correction and is a great free version.

DaVinci Resolve 14 … ciresolve/

I believe both You tube and Vimeo have free editors also that should work with windows 10

hope this helps. let me know if you want more info on editors for windows 10

Great information Mark, thank you!