Visiting Pilot from Oregon

I will be spending the week of February 16 thru the 23 and would like to know how the winter flying is in the area? I’m coming from Oregon and will be flying unless the weather looks good and I can get a sponsor to guide me. IS it worth the 18 hour drive to bring my glider?
I am a USHPA H3.

I’d say it’s a pretty big gamble to drive for a one week visit. It seems to be about one day a week that has been working at Lookout/Zion the past few weeks, and those days aren’t typically resulting in more than an hour long cold flight.

How has the flying been in Oregon this winter?

The flying in central Oregon is nonexistent but there is some flying at the coast. I have been going to Peterson Butte just over the pass. Its a small area but any air time is good.

Yes I agree it is a lot of driving for 1 or2 days at best of flying. I will probably skip it.

below is a vid link to my last flight at Peterson butte.

and a link to the 3d track

Thanks for the reply

Happy flying