Yaesu FT65 Questions

I purchased a Yaesu FT-65 as suggested by my instructor. I found out this weekend that it requires a modification to work on frequencies such as 151.955 (Williams). Carl mentioned opening the back and taking out a resistor but I could not find any info on line. Any advice would be appreciated.



Thanks Fred, unfortunately, that youtube is way above my pay grade and for a slightly different unit. I would certainly end up with an expensive paper weight.

Does anyone know of a radio that would work on 155.955 and other paragliding frequencies out of the box, have one for sale, know of a place that does the mod professionally.

I am regretting that I could not make the radio clinic. At this point I am limited by my lack of functional radio.

The FT-65 is greatly different than all other Yaesu handheld radios. It’s their attempt to keep up with Baofeng. I don’t think it can be modified for Mars/cap, though. If it can, the information isn’t public yet because the radio is still so new. I just purchased the FT-60 and successfully did the mod. I’ve gone through multiple speaker mics and headsets for my FT-250 with constant problems with the plug connection. I got the FT-60 because it uses the same accessories and batteries but the problem is the same. It has a very sensitive connection that wiggles loose and keys and doesn’t work often. The FT 65 finally switched plug styles which is a much needed change.

The Baofeng radios work on all channels out of the box. UV-5r and more powerful BF-F8HP. They are also the cheapest in every sense of the word. They are good radios, but I wouldn’t rely on them flying in the mountains where radio communication can be huge to safety and being retrieved. They work great until they don’t work at all, suddenly.


You might try the following:


Turn radio OFF
Press and hold ptt and Tcall (under the ptt)
Turn radio ON
Release the buttons
insert this number 62406665
The radio reboot and now is expanded.

This come from: simonthewizard.com/reviews-3/ (search for FT-65) which has been for quite a while and, according to the comments,worked for at least one person.


Wow, It’s nice that the mod can be done digitally now. That’s for the European version /E though. Very nice radio, but it may take a little time for the US version code to come out.

Please let us know if the mod worked.

One huge problem with the Yaesu radios is their badly designed screw in connector. At first this seemed like a good idea but in flight the cable twists and you have a stuck mic situation where noone can use their radios because the cable turned 1/8 turn and the HG/PG never bothered to program the talk time out (TOT) on their radio.

So everyone gets to listen to them breathing or their vario beeping.

It appears that the for the FT-65 Yaesu copied Kenwood/Baofeng in using a two pin side mount connector for remote mics. Much better design.

If someone is going to use a Yaseu with a screw type connector they need to program the TOT function to 30 seconds so they don’t keep jamming everyone else on the frequency.

I haven’t tried the mod yet. I will keep you updated. I got a couple of Baofengs I am going to try and get programmed at the meeting tomorrow.

The Yaesu FT250 and FT60 have the single pin that does not screw in. It apparently has similar problems though.

Mr. Wizard, Carl Marvin, has modified my radio to operate on all paragliding frequencies. It sounded like the mod is similar to the FT60.